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Welcome, new listeners!

The Post Atomic Horror podcast has taken on a monumental task: to review every official contribution to Star Trek canon, from the original pilot (“The Cage”) to the most current episode of Discovery. As of this writing (mid-2018), we have completed our original mission (covering every series through Enterprise), and we are now officially the most comprehensive Star Trek podcast ever produced. The show releases every week, typically covering two episodes. Often, there are guests. Between seasons, we do “supplemental” episodes to discuss various topics and answer our mail.

Tone-wise, we try to set up camp somewhere between “adoring fanboys” and “relentless hecklers.” We do love Trek, but we’re not afraid to mock it. You’re much more likely to hear a terrible impression of a tertiary character who caught our attention or a lengthy diatribe about shovels and mullets than you are an impassioned discussion about… I don’t know, canon or stardates or whatever. We’re comedians, first and foremost — albeit comedians who love Star Trek.

If you’d like to try a sample episode, we’d recommend this one, covering the TOS episodes “The Doomsday Machine” and “The Apple.” Or this one, covering “The Inner Light” and “Time’s Arrow part 1” (recorded live at the Emerald City Comicon — there’s also video.) These installments both cover one episode we loved and another that we weren’t so fond of. They represent pretty much everything our show is about.

Beyond that… start from the beginning, or jump in with current episodes. And even if you’re not all that into Trek, give us a try. The biggest compliment we’ve received from listeners is that we actually made the series sound fun enough for them to start watching.

Supplemental 38

Putting the final nail in the Enterprise coffin and patting ourselves on the back for reaching an important milestone.

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