Once again, we are appealing to our listeners/viewers to help mitigate some of the costs involved in producing the shows we make. These costs include (but are not limited to):

• regular rental of recording space for local performers
• transportation to live events
• server fees
• promotion (covention registration, compensation for artists)

If you enjoy one or more of our shows  — Post Atomic Horror , Sarcastic Voyage ‘s radio plays (including Contentment Corner ) Lovingly Reviewed by AAlgar — please consider throwing a few bucks our way.

In addition to our usual costs, we’re hoping to produce an all-new project this year: an original point-and-click adventure game starring Sarcastic Voyage’s Nick and Willikins!

Production on this project has already begun, in collaboration with our friends at Pinhead Games  (with whom we have previously joined forces to create the hit game Brain Hotel.) The basic script has been written, much of the fundamental programming has been put into place and we’ve begun casting our troupe of highly skilled voice performers in various roles in the story. Now we’re hoping to commission professional artists to give the thing a more polished look.

It is our intention to release a completely freeware game later this year (PC and Mac versions are certain; mobile versions are currently a stretch goal), so we’re turning to you, our loyal listeners and supporters, to assist us in raising the money to offer fair compensation for this work.

Click here to donate!


On Saturday, January 30 at 12 noon Pacific time, Matt and AAl will be recording the next Supplemental episode of the Post Atomic Horror podcast. They will be streaming this recording live to Periscope, via their PAHpodcast account, and invite you to watch and participate! Send your questions to postatomichorror@gmail and hear them addressed in realtime! (Please do not send your questions in via Periscope’s chat function — the app scrolls too fast for us to keep track of everything. Also we won’t be looking at the phone while we’re recording.)