Expanded Supplemental 22 cover art by Vishal Bharadwaj


Expanded Supplemental 21 cover art by Vishal Bharadwaj


Another fantastic offering from Vishal.

Expanded Supplemental 20 cover art by Vishal Bharadwaj


By the so-talented-it-hurts Vishal Bharadwaj.

Supplemental 18 expanded cover art



As ever, Vishal Bharadwaj delivers beautiful cover art. Click to see full-sized!


Supplemental 17 expanded cover art



By the ever-amazing Vishal Bharadwaj.

Expanded cover art for Supplemental 16



By the ever-talented Vishal Bharadwaj.


This was a pretty big year for us, between the official panel at Emerald City, the steady increase in our listenership and making our way through TNG and into DS9.

To everyone who listens to our show: thank you. We hope you enjoy listening to this thing as much as we enjoy making it.

To everyone who supports our show, via re-Tumbls, interaction with the show, donations, physical help at conventions and the hundred other things that make PAH possible: extra thank you.

We’ll be covering some of our all-time favorite Trek in the coming year, as well as making more public appearances. And we’re publishing volume two of our episode guide! We hope you’ll all stay on board, and tell your friends about us if you haven’t already.

Love and Armus,

AAl and Matt


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