About the Show

The Post Atomic Horror podcast is a weekly endeavor by Ron “AAlgar” Watt and Matt Rowbotham. It is a discussion of Star Trek, by way of reviewing all the episodes and movies in rough chronological order. Beginning with the original (1966-1969) series, continuing through the animated series and first six movies, as well as the 2009 reboot; on through The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and finally Enterprise, The Post Atomic Horror podcast is apparently committing its hosts to something like seven years worth of content, two episodes at a time.


Regular contributors to PAH (2012). From left: Amanda Smith, Brian Lynch, Kevin Lynch (Flonk), Ron “AAlgar” Watt, Matt Rowbotham, Mark Boszko (Bob), “Irish” Gav Brown

Regular contributors (2013): Kevin Lynch (Flonk), Nathan LaJeunesse, Brian Lynch, Amanda Smith, Mark Boszko (Bob), Ron “AAlgar” Watt, Matt Rowbotham (Not pictured: Gav Brown. Which is why AAl looks so unhappy.)

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Regular contributors (2015): Brian Lynch, Kevin Lynch (Flonk), Matt Rowbotham, Ron “AAlgar” Watt, Amanda Smith, Nathan LaJeunesse, Mark Boszko (Bob)

In the first five years of its existence, PAH has covered nearly 500 episodes and twelve movies in over 200 podcasts. In mid-2014, they officially passed the halfway point of all Star Trek. They have also released a number of “supplemental” episodes featuring extended discussions on various Trek-related topics. Since 2012, PAH has orchestrated annual “crossover” episodes with its sister show, Drunken Time Travel, a Doctor Who podcast hosted by Gav Brown and Gav Drury.

In 2013, the hosts of the Post Atomic Horror were granted a panel at the Emerald City Comicon. The panel was well-attended, and AAlgar and Matt hope to stage similar events in the future.

Matt & AAl at their ECCC panel.

Matt & AAl at their ECCC panel.

Two episode guides — one covering the entirety of TOS and one covering the entirety of TNG — have been published by AAlgar and Matt. These guides contain entirely original material not featured on the podcast and are available in both print and electronic forms.

In August of 2015, the show celebrated its fifth anniversary with a live recording at Seattle’s Pocket Theater. Further live recordings at this venue are currently being considered as well.

About the Hosts

Ron “AAlgar” Watt and Matt Rowbotham have been working as a writing/performing duo since 2006. They began working together on a weekly webcomic, which ran for three years. In 2009, they launched the Sarcastic Voyage podcast, a showcase of comedy sketches, serials and the occasional long-form radio play. In 2010, they began the Post Atomic Horror podcast.

Matt Rowbotham and Ron ”AAlgar” Watt

Matt Rowbotham and Ron ”AAlgar” Watt

In 2012, the pair created a short YouTube video poking fun at legendary comics creators Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore. Thanks in part to coverage by Comics Alliance, Topless Robot, Newsarama and other prominent “nerd news” sites, the video went viral, racking up over 10,000 hits in under a week.

On his own, AAlgar has produced a series of comedic reviews of the 80s Transformers cartoon (100 in total), which have received a modest following on YouTube. He has since moved on to reviews of GI Joe. AAl currently hosts the interview podcast More Bits as well. He has also collaborated with Mark Darin of Telltale Games (then the head of Pinhead Games) on three acclaimed point-and-click adventure games. Brain Hotel, which he both wrote and directed, received over 500,000 downloads worldwide and received acclaim from, among others, PC Gamer UK magazine.

Matt is currently reviewing Marvel comics’ What If? series on his blog, Forbidden to Interfere.

AAlgar lives in Seattle, WA with his wife, Amanda Smith. Matt Rowbotham lives in Oregon with his wife, Mallory DuVal.

The hosts can be reached via the show e-mail: postatomichorror at gmail. Trek-related questions for the show can also be sent to this address.

AAl and Matt can also be reached via Twitter at @aalgar and @robotmatt, respectively.

PAH‘s RSS feed can be found here.

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