312 – “Body and Soul” and “Nightingale”

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Covering “Body and Soul” and “Nightingale.”


One thought on “312 – “Body and Soul” and “Nightingale”

  1. Hi guys

    There was an episode of the 1980s Twilight Zone that featured John de Lancie aka Q playing the Devil too. In the episode, Hell is run like a bureaucracy except that the rules haven’t been updated over time which means as society got more liberal more and more people were going to Hell including one young man played by none other than Brent Spiner who I swear is wearing the same glasses he wore in Independence Day. If that wasn’t enough Trek related stuff in that episode, it was filmed at Lore’s Magic Castle.

    Also, regarding the Cat’s virginity in Red Dwarf, one of the newest episodes actually reveals he is still a virgin but not only that he is clueless about sex and when a Polymorph pretends to be a female Cat and starts pouring eggs down his throat he thinks its not only normal but that he is very good at it.

    All the best guys

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