298 – “Alice” and “Riddles”

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Covering “Alice” and “Riddles.”


2 thoughts on “298 – “Alice” and “Riddles”

  1. Hey guys

    Tom and B’Elanna get married in “Drive” season seven episode three. It also features Tom fixing a delta flyer and is a Harry Kim falls in love episode that all ties together into a wacky races homage.

    Season Six and Seven brings back a lot of familiar characters and races with Barkley as a recurring guest character right up to the series finale and is in it more than he was in Next Gen also Kes and Seska are seen again as well as Q and the Hirogen and Klingons and more Talaxians.

  2. Abaddon referred to the underworld (similar to Sheol, hell) in Hebrew, to an angel of destruction in Greek, and consequently became a popular name for monsters of all sorts.

    That a minor side character had that name is just bad writing. Reminds me of bad fantasy novels or fanfic where widely-known mythological names are given out to characters at random.

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