292 – “The Fight” and “Think Tank”

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Covering “The Fight” and “Think Tank.”


One thought on “292 – “The Fight” and “Think Tank”

  1. Think Tank is a really cool episode. As you’ve said, we’ve never seen anything quite like this group in the franchise, and they were a blast. The creative team also threw in some nice pieces of continuity. Jason demanded the super-warp drive thing from the dark’n’gritty future!Harold ep as part of the payment, with Janeway saying something like “have fun with it, we never got it to work.” And the cured the phage-is-not-a-real-word.

    As for the inevitable double cross, it can be either seen as observing the core of Trek’s philosophy or subverting expectations in a DS9 kind of way. The alien uber-nerds have been corrupted by greed, growing from noble problem-solvers to avaricious service providers who create problems they can move in to solve. (I also like the associated implication they infected the Vidiians with that organ rot plague.) Or it subverts Trek tropes by shoiwng that brainy characters who treasure knowledge and are into engineering, who tech-tech problems away, don’t have to be good guys. Seven puts it something like, “Seeking knowledge is a noble goal, but it obviously didn’t ennoble you.”

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