284 – “Extreme Risk” and “In the Flesh”

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Covering “Extreme Risk” and “In the Flesh.”


2 thoughts on “284 – “Extreme Risk” and “In the Flesh”

  1. So in Extreme Risk and the whole Bel / Paris thing… wasn’t the implication that Paris was the one patching her up from her Hoodeck injuries? That’s how I took the comment from Chuck based on what the Doctor Told him, and that the treatment looked like it was done by someone with the skill of a first year medical student.

    As for the probe, I thought Seven said something about it being built with Borg shields or the like, but I may have been imagining a more interesting plot.

  2. Yeah, that’s what I meant way back with how Species KLYIQ was ruined by this episode. Hearing you talk about it I admit it’s a very Star Trek thing to do, negotiating a peaceful resolution of conflict. The problem is, though, that they act utterly out-of-character. These aliens are introduced to us as single-minded killers obsessed with genetic purity, who regard themselves as the perfect form of life and want to eradicate everyone else they’ve found in the Trek universe. And now they not only jab a syringe full of DNA juice into their arms to turn human, but also agree to peace talks?

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