282 – “One” and “Hope and Fear”

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Covering “One” and “Hope and Fear.”


2 thoughts on “282 – “One” and “Hope and Fear”

  1. They remake the episode “One” in Enterprise season 3 episode 16 “Doctor’s Orders with doctor Phlox and T’Pol.

    The third season is itself a remake of the Dominion war from from Deep Space Nine where the Dominion equivalent are called the Xindi and also Voyagers premise with the Delphic Expanse being their version of the Delta Quadrant

    The Temporal Cold War and the genetically engineered shape shifting foot soldiers called the Suliban are not part of that season

  2. There is an episode of Enterprise where they have to trick an alien into giving them information and it’s clear that it was meant to be a holodeck episode but they get around not having one by building a fake interior of another ship and using that to simulate what’s going on. It’s a pretty interesting story and I think had Enterprise done more stuff like that where they show that Archer doesn’t have this stuff that Picardy and the rest have been used to but he’ll get around it some other way then it would have been better received. Unfortunately by Season 4 they stopped trying altogether and Enterprise was dealing with scenarios almost the same way as the 24th century ships

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