277 – “Hunters” and “Prey”

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Covering “Hunters” and “Prey.”


2 thoughts on “277 – “Hunters” and “Prey”

  1. I can’t take it anymore! 😀 In defense of Harry Kim: Harry is a ensign good enough to do Data’s job. It’s his first assignment and he’s supposed to do it just for a while but ends up having to have that responsibility indefinitely while not knowing whether he’ll ever see his family again. The fact that they keep him at the post the whole time points to him being best qualified of those on board or at least out of those not better utilised at other posts. He’s young and naive and yes annoying at times but he’s reliable, performs impressively at his job despit his glaring inexperience and is never mean to anyone. He even befriends Tom Paris (!) back when he was still awful and by Tom’s admission (he said he wanted to be more like Harry) he’s partly responsible for Tom becoming a better person. At no point is Harry terrible to women like Neelix and Paris. The “hologram” he had a crush on turned out to be a real person which is why he fell for her. Tuvok digged her too so it can’t have been that shallow. Plus he looks cute and is endearing in his awkwardness. So there!

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