Supplemental 26

Our traditional between-seasons Supplemental episode, in which we answer listener mail.

Click here to download.

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3 thoughts on “Supplemental 26

  1. Its my fault Prince is dead? How did you come to that conclusion? I know it was a bad joke, but that was weeks ago and saying I killed a guy makes no sense. Someone probably will shoot soda or milk out of their nose thinking about it.

    Well Im happy that you actually respond to your fans including myself, I keep wanting to something that causes an actual discussion.

    What is the favorite Captain, first officer, engineer, and alien crew person among each series?

    I really do like Deep Space Nine. Its the one Star Trek that I can watch about any time. Its not about feelings of nostalgia that the Original Series and early seasons of Next Generation bring, but genuine enjoyment. What feelings do you have towards the older Star trek series?

  2. I love both Elton John and Billy Joel, just like Matt. Thanks for rocking guys,

    P.S. I have enjoyed seeing you live and also sending angry emails about stupid things like Journey, Voyager, and the money I send you.

    P.P.S. Keep up the good work.

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