Supplemental 25

Answering your mail, including some live questions submitted during a stream of the recording!

Click here to download.

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One thought on “Supplemental 25

  1. Why am I so happy that two comments have been answered? Im probably making them in the wrong place.

    If youre confused i switched my real name to my internet username. Im The Poster Formerly Known As Nathaniel. If you dont get that reference, youre too young to have watched Star Trek on television
    I remember that any time you made Commander Sisko’s “problem with numbers” voice after the first I got irritated. It was because of after that one episode that started it, it just became an dark reminder that Sisko can have a silly script flaw instead of a dramatic flaw that makes a character interesting.

    Neelix’s “oh no my [organs]” voice on the other hand keeps the character at least some kind of positive reminder. Captain Janeway also has a silly voice, but i dont think she has a kind of catchphrase.

    So what silly catchphrase would you give Captain Janeway? What about voices and catchphrases for the other Voyager characters like Tuvok or Chokotay?

    Oh and PAH guys, remember as bad as Voyager is its still a buffer before you get to Enterprise.

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