253 – “Lifesigns” and “Investigations”

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Covering “Lifesigns” and “Investigations.”


2 thoughts on “253 – “Lifesigns” and “Investigations”

  1. Denara Pel the Viidian woman actually lives to reappear in a small role in a future episode and be cured in an even later episode with the other Viidians. I remember a distinct episode after Seven of Nine joins that a character reveals a group of evil super-scientists casually cured the Phage(By the way it means “a thing that devours” so it is a real word).

  2. One minor thing, the term “phage” is not a made-up scifi word but the name of a class of viruses that exclusively infect bacteria. Since it translates as “eater” it’s a sorta-kinda sensible leap to call a necrotizing germ this way.

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