231 – “Penumbra” and “Till Death Do Us Part”

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Covering “Penumbra” and “Till Death Do Us Part.”


2 thoughts on “231 – “Penumbra” and “Till Death Do Us Part”

  1. I hearby award you the Qapla’ award for being the only Trek podcast that I have actually stuck with and am now going through your earlier episodes as well. Great job guys.

    Can I just say quickly though having heard some of your comments about Voyager and Enterprise – like you guys when these first aired back in the day my interest in both series ranged indifference to hatred. I missed the last two seasons of Enterprise because by then I had given up on it.


    About four years ago I found Enterprise Season 4 in a bargain DVD bin and not finding anything else I decided to pick it up and watch it. I have to say Season 4 had some really good episodes and since then I went back and watched the episodes that I missed. Now I am not going to say the show is as good as TNG or the epic DS9 but what I will say is if you go in to Enterprise objectively there some enjoyment to be had out of it. It was a real missed opportunity.

    Great work as always. See you next week.

  2. As soon as you mentioned a giant guy who was turned into a small person I leaped to Lord of the Rings and Gimli.

    The guys playing the dwarves in the Hobbit trilogy are also probably quite tall.

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