200 – “Let He Who is Without Sin” and “Things Past”

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Covering “Let He Who is Without Sin” and “Things Past.”


One thought on “200 – “Let He Who is Without Sin” and “Things Past”

  1. I can understand the Fundamentalists. Theyre message is that the federation is soft, focusing too much on unnecessary and entertainment tasks. Ryza is a big focus as its a planet thats sole purpose is a resort.

    Its not confirmed or denied, but forgotten. Word says the “federation will survive even you” as his mildly hopeful speech that the Federation will survive all threats.

    Its really shown through DS9 that the Federation isnt prepared for any kind of war. Everything but the Defiant is a exploration, science, or transport vessel with weapons. Mass Production of ships and equipment or lacking, and training takes a long time just to have someone to fire the weapons.

    But its just overshadowed by Word’s Origin story and his bickering with Jadzia.

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