196 – “Body Parts” and “Broken Link”

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Covering “Body Parts” and “Broken Link.”

One thought on “196 – “Body Parts” and “Broken Link”

  1. Ok if you dont want people to contact you about “Paste Tense” why do you mention it so bloody often? Its almost every episode. Just call it “the episode that wont be named” or something.

    But listening to these podcasts I realize the Dominion doesnt do much. They put a line in the sand way back in the season 2 finale, and show how awesome they are by having small attack ships completely destroy a Galaxy Class ship. The Galaxy class the same class as the Enterprise from Next Generation and considered the most powerful ship in the Alpha Quandrant.

    But then the Dominions waits a year before even telling “we are everywhere” to mindscrew people. But then they obliterate the Cardassian-Romulan task force. Then they wait again. Its a long-game of waiting and defending strategic targets, but its really boring to watch.

    Its really bizarre that no one thinks to align themselves with the Dominion, negotiate a treaty or non-aggression pact or anything. The different empires KNOW of the Dominion, but only the Tal-Shiar and Obsidian Order secret police actually do anything.

    Wouldnt the different empires actually prepare for war or something? Gowron seems like an incredible douche at this point for picking an easy fight instead of preparing for the oncoming Horde of Jem’Hadar beyond the wormhole.

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