193 – “Hard Time” and “Shattered Mirror”

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Covering “Hard Time” and “Shattered Mirror.”


2 thoughts on “193 – “Hard Time” and “Shattered Mirror”

  1. Despite its faults, I enjoy “Shattered Mirror.”

    You pointed out how unlikely it was the rebels on Terok Nor would be able to build their own Defiant even with complete plans. One thing you didn’t mention, probably because it isn’t cannon, is that the mirror universe stealing technology from the prime universe has been done before. DC’s “Star Trek” series did a story in the Eighties where the mirror universe sent operatives from The Empire to steal the U.S.S. Excelsior. The Empire–undoubtably far better equipped for production of a starship than Terok Nor–quickly builds a duplicate for their own uses. This story was written by Mike W. Barr and collected in the book “Star Trek: The Mirror Universe Saga.”

    • Stealing even minor technologies would be hard due to the previously mentioned locks on the transporters to prevent them being used EITHER WAY. I dont think its been explained why they can do it without trouble now, and why the Klingon-Cardassian alliance doesnt just steal things themselves.

      That would be interesting to have a universe war either between universes or the mirror universe stealing loads of equipment, people, and whatever else.

      Stealing a ship would outright be impossible as there are no large scale transporters in Star Trek. Big crates are the largest thing, and even then overuse would cause problems.

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