191 – “Sons of Mogh” and “Bar Association”

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Covering “Sons of Mogh” and “Bar Association.”


One thought on “191 – “Sons of Mogh” and “Bar Association”

  1. Sons of Mogh really highlights how intolerant the Federation really is. Its hard to see the Federation seem any more bigoted. Other cultures mock the Federation, but still allow them to do things. The Federation acts smug allowing cultures to do things without protest before dropping the hammer and revealing how fragile their tolerance really is.

    The episode really focuses on the Japanese Bushido side of the Klingons. Worfs character focuses on this. Most Klingons wave the stoic and solemn parts for drinking, partying, and brawling. Worf isnt a bad Klingon, but hes very traditional. It would be like the different between a devout catholic and a protestant

    Seppuku is japanese ritual suicide. One disgraced warrior stabs a blade into his abdomen and he is finished off by a second person who beheads the first. Worf has been involved with that twice.

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