189 – “Homefront” and “Paradise Lost”

Click here to download. Covering “Homefront” and “Paradise Lost.”


One thought on “189 – “Homefront” and “Paradise Lost”

  1. Deep Space Nine has a recurring theme of people taking extreme measures for what they believe is a just goal. The Founders, Dukat, Winn, Leyton, and as a spoiler Sisko in a later episode.

    The actor who played Leyton has a reverse role in Babylon 5, where he rebelled against a clearly corrupt President-turned-dictator, secret police, and corrupted military. He was killed offscreen in Babylon 5 so the actor could be in Deep Space Nine.

    Leyton seems ok, until he outright orders one ship to destroy another. At that point its 100% military coup against the Federation. Just to nail it in further, there is his rant after about to be arrested before Sisko tells him to shut up before he starts a civil war.

    Hey remember Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country? Brock Peters and Rene Auberjonois played officers that tried kill the Federation President and destroy the Klingon-Federation treaty. It first saw that film after Deep Space Nine, and its really interesting seeing their roles almost reversed.

    Its just really odd that in Star Trek that ships have totally forgotten about ARMOR. The Defiant is a super-ship as aside from the kickass weapons, it isnt defenseless when its shields run out of power or get penetrated. Think about how Generations would have been if either of the ships in the final fight had carried armor?

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