187 – “Starship Down” and “Little Green Men”

Click here to download. Covering “Starship Down” and “Little Green Men.”


3 thoughts on “187 – “Starship Down” and “Little Green Men”

  1. I expected you both to hate “Little Green Men.” My own memories of the episode were…not great. I’ve decided to give it another chance so I’m watching it now with my five year old, Anita.

    • As wacky Ferengi episodes go (and wacky time travel episodes for that matter), it was surprisingly entertaining. Still not amazing or anything, and like I said on the show, I think it was a bit phoned in… but I laughed a few times. It’s probably a really good episode to watch with your kid, actually. -AAl

  2. Little green men isnt a great episode. Im more interest in your casual dismissal of Ferengi religion. Its a combination of Hindu and Chinese religions.

    Reincarnation that you have to bid on? Hell if you dont make profit in life? Its been adjusted so it fits Ferengi beliefs of the importance of profit.

    Aalgar im suprised you openly admit youve been friend-zoned quite a few times.

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