183 – “Facets” and “The Adversary”

Click here to download. Covering “Facets” and “The Adversary.”


One thought on “183 – “Facets” and “The Adversary”

  1. One thing not mentioned is how the writers changed one of the previous Dax hosts, Joran. Back in an earlier episode, he was just an unstable guy who killed a few people who wanted to remove the Dax symbiote. It was portrayed self-defense, because who would want an organ that affects their mind of them cut out, like a lobotomy? That was overshadowed by the conspiracy about keeping people from finding out the symbiotes could be freely implanted into the trill.

    This episode turns him into a serial killer. the 7th season outright calls him that.

    But its still a fundamentally flawed episode with magically putting personalities into people.

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