182 – “Family Business” and “Shakaar”

Click here to download. Covering “Family Business” and “Shakaar.”


2 thoughts on “182 – “Family Business” and “Shakaar”

  1. Your discussion over the reclamators seems to veer away into not understanding why either party wants them. Shakaar and the other farmers NEED them to grow FOOD for themselves and others. Kai Winn wants them to make crops to sell to raise government funds.

    For the first several seasons there are mentions again and again about Bajor needing to rebuild like making food. Kai Winn basically becomes a dictator and says she doesnt care about people starving, she wants to have money, and then sends in the Stormtroopers.

    When the situation is PEACEFULLY resolved, Kai Winn claims the military who say they are going to VOTE for Shakaar are making a military Coup, which shows how batshit insane she really is.

    Its largely supposed to be “Government=Bad, common people=good”. The Maquis are just so stupid they do the reverse. The Maquis episodes just make common people seem crazy and that the government needs to come in to stop them front invading other countries and terrorism.

  2. Oh yeah, anyone who watches Winn and hates her doesnt have blind but justified hatred. Shes just…Hitler/Stalin/Mussolini. The 2nd season premier, the Circle has her supporting xenophobic fascists. If the show had allowed it back then, you would probably see Rom dead, hanging from the ceiling among a bunch of other aliens.

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