176 – “Past Tense”

Click here to download. Covering “Past Tense” parts 1 and 2.


2 thoughts on “176 – “Past Tense”

  1. I thought about it and this isnt an episode of Star Trek. Its an episode of Quantum Leap.
    As you guys pointed out, it adds nothing to character development, or the metaplot. Sisko’s knowledge of history in that period is a Trope called “Chekov’s Skill” where a certain skill, pointless at the time its mentioned, becomes very important to the episode plot later. “Planet of Hats” where everyone of a race is a stereotype like Klingon Warriors or Ferengi Traders is another. The episode is supposed to be important, but as you mentioned its meaningless as World War 3 that creates the apocalypse and World War 4 “The Eugenics Wars” happen making the events of this episode a speck in history.

    The episode is so preachy its pretentious. People get free food(food stamps), free apartments(government housing) and dont have to work. Ask someone who is unemployed and/or homeless and see if that is better than what people have in real life.

  2. Actually I there is an episode of Quantum Leap dealing with a real life series of riots. It was very similar to Past tense(minus the time travel) in which the protagonist tries to prevent people from killing hostages they take. That episode was better as it dealt with real life and included a white-black relationship which gave a catalyst to hostage takers to be extra violent.

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