175 – “Defiant” and “Fascination”

Click here to download. Covering “Defiant” and “Fascination.”


2 thoughts on “175 – “Defiant” and “Fascination”

  1. Tom Riker’s reveal isnt as stupid as you say. Its a nod to the Mirror Verse, you know where alot of evil people had evil facial hair.

    “Tom Riker peels of his facial hair to reveal an evil soulpatch, dun dun DUUUN” that was probably the script.

    But yeah evil twins end up stupid in most situations. The episode itself has to explain “Who the heck is Tom Riker?” Gul Dukat outright calls bull on the story of an clone due to a transporter accident. I think thats a “take that” of the DS9 writers insulting TNG.

    The whole situation was related to an episode of TNG where another guy DID THE EXACT SAME THING. The captain went rogue, took a ship and crew, went to Cardassian space and claimed secret weapons in the places he attacked.

    It was interesting in that Sisko and Dukat actually worked together. The metaplot related to the Obsidian Order-Cardassian Military is actually important. If not for that the whole episode could be skipped.

    I still find it funny that Thomas got pissed at O’brien. I never thought about it as much you guys.

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