173 – “Second Skin” and “The Abandoned”

Click here to download. Covering “Second Skin” and “The Abandoned.”


3 thoughts on “173 – “Second Skin” and “The Abandoned”

  1. Aalgar I know you love the original 1980s Transformers cartoon, but why do dislike Animated and Prime. I had you rewind this episode several times to clearly hear the Michael bay films are “the bad transformers”

    Its the opposite of your feelings in regards to Star Trek.

  2. My love of 80s Transformers has nothing to do with it being a good show, and everything to do with the fact that it was my first nerd obsession starting at age 10. I’m not interested in Optimus Prime and Starscream being compelling characters. I want hypnotic night clubs and girls who love Powerglide. I know it’s cheesy. That’s what I like about it. It’s a sentimental, nostalgic attachment and nothing more. I don’t doubt that all those other shows are better written, better produced and better performed. But they’re not the show I grew up with. I don’t think they shouldn’t exist, but I have no interest in watching them. For me, it’s all about the very specific time and place that the Sunbow show represents to me.

    The Bay movies are garbage, though.

    • Nostalgia can be good, but I would much rather watch others review and play those things. If I actually go watch really old cartoons I can last about a minute before getting nauseous.

      Thanks for taking the pain for me.

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