172 – “The House of Quark” and “Equilibrium”

Click here to download. Covering “The House of Quark” and “Equilibrium.”

One thought on “172 – “The House of Quark” and “Equilibrium”

  1. Ive been thinking deeply about the Ferengi each episode they or Quark are a focus. After the Maquis I realized Ferengi are very logical. Vulcans claim alot, but they rarely are, showing off pride alot. Ferengi think about goals in a simple, logical manner of having a greater gain than cost, or in simple terms PROFIT. Its not just money, but any kind of profit.

    Worf has an idealized view of how Klingons should be as Space-Samurai/Warrior-Poets. He becomes disgusted(far too often really) in that theyre more like Space-Vikings/Biker Gangs. They drink, party, brawl, and are willing to do underhanded things and caring more when youre caught than the actual act.

    Both Ferengi and Klingons had scientists in Next Generation which were underdeveloped. The Ferengi male scientist was developing cutting-edge technology. the Klingon female scientist was not as big a focus, but Klingons are apparently Chauvinists(when its plot-convenient) so her gender is interesting.

    Empires/Republics/Federations, etc cant exists without social and economic infrastructures. Often each series glosses things over. Klingons are warriors. Ok I get that, but what about scientists to develop they weapondry, engineers to maintain technology, doctors to heal wounds, or workers to make engines, disruptors, warheads, etc?

    Why hasnt star trek ever made a story about a Klingon Worker’s Strike? How about Ferengi who are mercenary warriors to protect the Ferengi Alliance? Each race just wears a stereotype Hat. Too much focus goes into the Federation and saying they have the balance economy and structure.

    The Dominion is also mentioned at least once about a race that just produces warheads for the jem’hadar ships. Other Dominion races would also do something like produce the ships, or have cloning facilities for the Vorta and Jems. Even then those places would require food from farms and ranches.

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