148 – “Emissary”

Click here to download.

Covering the Deep Space Nine pilot, “Emissary.”


2 thoughts on “148 – “Emissary”

  1. Welcome to the space soap opera that is DS9, finnaly you’ll be able to talk about apparently the only Trek you like. So enjoy the next 2 years Matt, Ron, guests and listener, cause after DS9 they’ll return to shitting all over Star Trek.

    P.S. Matt and Armas are hilarious!
    Stay Frosty

    • I’m sorry guys, my comments come out harsh (don’t text angry) I went back to delete after some soul searching, but well I cant. Its just frustrating hearing you bash (all justified) on something I love. Damn you for having a different opinion!
      Best Lany
      Stay Fosty.

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