142 – “Emergence” and “Preemptive Strike”

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Covering “Emergence” and “Preemptive Strike” with Amanda Smith.


One thought on “142 – “Emergence” and “Preemptive Strike”

  1. The original Maquis, the not-quite-american guys from a few episodes ago came down as a stupid idea. It doesnt even make sense that 250years in the future all of them would group together on planet or really even exist.

    The new maquis are ment to be multi-ethnic so its not stupid coincidence to have “space native-americans”. However it comes across similarly as stupid when all the technology seems make conflict pointless.

    Remember that episode where the space crystal appears to destroy a colony? It makes it seem like terraforming planets can be done in a few weeks. A season 1 episode stated that it takes decades to make a planet habitable for humanoids. So is that a retcon?

    Star trek really doesnt address that a colony is SMALL and only a tiny piece on different sized planets. Instead Colony=planet which leads to really stupid situations.

    There are stupid problems that undermine drama in the show. Replicators basically make everything so it cures hunger, clothing, building, medical, etc issues. Whats left after that?

    The Maquis are ment to be any number of people that get traded any time countries change borders, but with Star Trek technology it just becomes a stupid excuse not to move to another planet or use a replicator to solve your problems.

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