84 – “Deja Q” and “A Matter of Perspective”

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Covering “Deja Q” and “A Matter of Perspective.”


3 thoughts on “84 – “Deja Q” and “A Matter of Perspective”

  1. One: Corbin Berson is the son of another Soap Opera great Wilma Jeanne Cooper who played Catherine Chancellor who was once married to Phillip Chancellor who later became Dutch on the TV show Soap.

    Two: Q I do believe has a line for Nails “You where more fun when you didn’t have a beard.”

    Three: The Cast of DS9 would have kicked his ass is here where normal. Sisco punched him in the noise once.

    Four:(my fav) I do believe Q was created after a wacky scientist living in Salem accidentally transports himself to another dimension. Leaving his girlfriend at the time to go without a lover for years. Then later leaving Salem to get a job as a psychologist at a mental institution in Gotham City.

  2. Know you don’t care Al, but the ST:TNG and DS9 promo voice was Ernie Anderson who also does the voice for America’s Funniest People… (Harley Quinn reference inserted here.) an the rest of the ABC Television Network for over 25 years.

    • To clarify: I always enjoy bizarre trivia like this. Mostly I just don’t like being corrected on things that don’t matter. Really, it has to do with people who somehow forget we’re doing this for fun. You don’t seem to have any problem with that at all. I love these odd bits of trivia you drop on us. Don’t stop!

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