52 – “Star Trek” (2009)

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Reviewing “Star Trek” (2009) with special guest “Brewtown” Andy Fleck.

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that piece about Kirk having no character arc


2 thoughts on “52 – “Star Trek” (2009)

  1. Sorry guys. I don’t mean to make more work for you, but if you follow Spock Prime’s timeline, this story actually happens after The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager.
    So while I appreciate that you’re trying to keep things together, I’m afraid that after you get done with the other Trek series, you’re going to have to come back and rewatch this and do another review.
    I’m sure that breaks your hearts.
    Meanwhile, I will look forward to it with baited anticipation.

  2. I was enraged at the film just on the basis of it being a reboot, until I realized “Oh its an alternate timeline”. After that i could at least appreciate the film.

    This film is certainly an update over The Original Series, but it has so many plot flaws that get overshadowed by the young cast and lots of action.

    #1 Supernova that nobody detects until it destroys Romulus.
    #2 Black Hole Equals Time Travel.
    #3 Romulans go back in time and do nothing to stop #1 for 25years.
    #4 Crazy Romulans decide to destroy planets
    #5 Mining Ship that is ridiculously heavily armed.
    #6 Every original series crew member apparently knows each other back when they are 18-20years old.

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