Star Trek: Klingons: Blood Will Tell

I’d been interested in this miniseries, Blood Will Tell, for a long time.  So when a used copy came in at my comic store I snapped it up. You may have heard of it as the series that featured a variant issue printed entirely in Klingonese. That issue is included in the collection and it is a neat bonus.  The actual story of Blood Will Tell concerns Kahnrah, a flathead Klingon and his granddaughter K’ahlynn. The moon of Praxis has been destroyed and Kahnrah is part of the ruling council deciding whether or not the Klingons should unite with the Federation. While making this decision, Kahnrah teaches his granddaughter of the encounters Klingons have had with Starfleet in the past. Each issue (except the last one) tells a classic Klingon episode of Star Trek from the Klingons’ point of view, and while this sounds exceedingly dull (especially if you’ve just finished re-watching every episode of Star Trek Classic), it’s actually quite facinating. The story of the Klingon who would become Arn Darvin in the episode Trouble with Tribbles is especially good. Blood Will Tell fills in a lot of gaps in Trek mythology, explaining what the flat-headed Klingons are and why we  saw them in the original series. (flat-headed Klingons led the Empire’s expansion through space, resulting in more of them being out on the fringes of the galaxy where the Enterprise was usually exploring.)

The art, by David Messina, is simple but extremely nice. It stays away from the hyper detailed “sketched off a paused DVD” art that many tie-in comics use, while still capturing the spirit of the characters. When Kirk appears for the first time, he is neither named nor in uniform, but you know it’s him the second you see him.

Blood Will Tell is one of the finer Trek comics I’ve read. My only real problems with it come from its rather quick ending. Once it reaches the last issue, the book seems to rush through its framing story. Although it still has time for a pretty sweet chase scene.

Blood Will Tell is highly recommended. It’s a fun original series  story that also stays loyal to the Trek universe that is to come. It’s well worth your time to check out.

Order it here!


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