Irish Gav reviews “Planet Killer’

Planet Killer a three issue comic was published by Wildstorm ten years ago and was the last Voyager comic they made.  The mini series is in fact a sequel to The Original Series episode The Doomsday Machine which as doing a sequel to a TOS episode goes is probably a bad idea from the start.  I mean, if they’d done a sequel to Catspaw they’d have nowhere to go but up.  Well, you would assume.

So a different doomsday machine has destroyed eight planets (sloppy, the Enterprise stopped it after two).  The local aliens had amassed an armada to destroy it and Voyager pitches in to throw it’s weight behind the plucky aliens.  So inevitably the fleet is destroyed and only Voyager remains of course.  Still trying to stop it’s march on the planet, Harry Kim remembers Kirk’s battle plan of blowing up a starship once it’s inside it.  Yeagh right, you just know he googled it so he could impress the captain.  Janeway attempts this with one of the damaged alien ships but, well, Janeway isn’t Kirk and it fails.

Just like the TV series it’s up to Seven and the Doctor to save the day despite the Borg having failed to assimilate it (So Species 8472 and this, the list is growing, the Borg must be getting old).  The Voyager distracts the Doomsday Machine but unfortunately not by shouting “Hey!  Doomsday Machine!  You should be hauled away as garbeege”.  Seven’s nanotechnology is injected into the ship thanks to the Doctor after he is beamed into it.

You know, all things considered this could’ve been a lot worse.  The art was actually good, you could easily see who was who and there was a certain atmosphere to it as well.  Not that it’s a great comic you understand but I don’t regret reading it.  Plus I do like that it took the Voyager crew longer to solve their Doomsday Machine problem and needed holograms and nanotechnology to do it.


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