Irish Gav reviews “Telepathy War”

Apparently that’s Spock in the background.

Cast your minds back to 1997.  Batman & Robin was number one at the cinema, Tiger released the and Dharma & Greg premiered on TV.  Never mind, quick bring your minds back!  We’ll just skip to Telepathy War was a storyline that ran through the Marvel Star Trek books.

So this story started with a group of Starfleet Cadets, Omega Squad (containing Nog) going to Talos IV (The Cage again, AAl take a drink) and finding Pike battling the Jem Hadar and their secret plan to wipe out all Alpha Quadrant telepaths.  Once back no-one will believe them and they’re arrested for visiting the forbidden planet, defended by Spock and sentenced to death.  All good so far?  Well that’s because this all takes place BEFORE Telepathy War.  For some reason Part One starts with them escaping from captivity and going to Deep Space Nine followed by… well… all the main Star Trek crews at that time.*

Well not technically Voyager.  The crossover issue consists of slipping a page into a completely unrelated story of Kes sensing minds in the Alpha Quadrant crying out and then being suddenly silenced.  So in summary, the fact that I just read the whole of Telepathy War so I could get through the Voyager comics was a bit redundant.  Kind of like the writer now I imagine.

On the whole it wasn’t a too bad crossover there were a few parts that don’t ring true.  For example both the Academy President and an Admiral father of one of the cadets demanding they have the death penalty and no-one thinks this is suspicious?!  Also Kira acts out of character and blatantly defies Sisko when it comes to Dominion battle tactics to name but two.  Still, at least Troi starts feeling things that aren’t just pain.  The best parts of the series were the individual comics of the shows (sans Voyager) but the Telepathy War #1 special that tied it all up didn’t really help and I couldn’t wait for it to end by this point.

One weird thing about the comics is they have a page as soon as you turn the cover to recap previous events but then the first page of the actual story does the exact same thing as well.  But that’s comics for you, one extreme to the other.

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