Irish Gav reviews Star Trek Deep Space Nine: N-Vector (Wildstorm)

I remember this coming out whenever I bought what seemed to be every mainstream comic I could. Needless to say I waded through a lot of rubbish in that so the thought of a Deep Space Nine comic was quite a highlight. Alas it didn’t turn out that way. Reading it again eleven years later, my opinion hasn’t changed much.

The main characters whom we’ve already seen in DS9 I’m not sure but they felt a little off most of the time. There was nothing intrinsicly wrong with their characterisation, in fact it might have been the art putting me off a lot of the time, more on that later.

As for the new characters, new Defiant Commander, Tiris Jast, was apparently in the novels after this. I’m not sure if she was better in the books but she just annoyed me in this. I get that she’s supposed to be annoying but there just seemed no reason for her to be like that.

For Viqtor I quite liked the character especially since he seemed to confuse Quark for most of it (though who knows that could be how the writer thought Quark was) but would’ve preferred a better way for him to end the story.

Romulan Scientist, Mos Senay, probably started out as a scientist to find out a way to turn himself into a city on Tattooine. He moved on from that to another equally stupid idea, making a virus that can infect anything and anyone. Pfft, those Romulans eh? What will they be up to next?

Which takes me to the story. While not a bad story it wasn’t really that good, it didn’t feel like a DS9 story and felt like generic sci-fi shoehorned into that universe. It starts off with sabotage on the station and O’Brien being brought back and charged for it. Poor O’Brien, he probably thought now the show was over and he was on Earth it was all plain-sailing now. Well aside from his Horrible Wife that is. So it turns out the sabotage is all the result of this viroid. To cut a long story short (too late) it destroyed. Or is it? And everyone lives happily ever after. Or do they? Well it’s temporarily destroyed, which makes it a bit weird that Mos Eisley wants to die with it. Um, bit melodramatic isn’t he since it’ll come back.

The art, I didn’t like at all. The number one problem I had with it was that the characters didn’t look the way they did onscreen, in fact sometimes I had trouble telling who they were. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem in other comics, but it is when you’re dealing with a TV series/film franchise! The other problem with the art was it just wasn’t any good, though that one at least is a matter of opinion.

So overall an okay comic which should’ve been a lot better for what was a fantastic TV series.


“Irish” Gav Brown is a regular guest on the Post Atomic Horror podcast, and is currently making his way through Star Trek: Voyager by way of his blog, “Get the Cheese to Sickbay.”


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