A handful of notes for episode 27

We don’t usually do show notes for the Post Atomic Horror, but as it turns out, we came up with a few things to enhance the overall listening experience for episode 27.

On the left, the head "sun/son" worshipper on Planet 4. On the right, Marshall Applewhite, leader of the Heaven's Gate cult.

The worst cocktease of a photo ever — the only picture I could find of Majel Barrett's green makeup test.

And finally… Bob wanted us to include this website, which is a ridiculously comprehensive look at “Assignment: Earth.” It includes the original pitch for it as a series and a bunch of other fun stuff.

Incidentally, we’ll be recording a “supplemental” episode this week (wherein we finally answer some mail and discuss a few other small topics). So if there’s anything you’d like us to address, let us know.


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