25 – “Return to Tomorrow” and “Patterns of Force”

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Reviewing “Return to Tomorrow” and “Patterns of Force.”


One thought on “25 – “Return to Tomorrow” and “Patterns of Force”

  1. As a child I would call all germans during world war 2 as Nazis, similar to what Matt and AAlgar do here. As I grew older I learned of the horrible things some Nazis would do, but also that not all Germans during that period were Nazis, in association or in belief.

    Nazis were basically a violent eugenics cult, which managed to take over a large and important industrial country. Many soldiers, world war 1 veterans and new recruits were recruited into the German Wehrmacht, Kriegsmarine, and Luftwaffe, and many were not Nazi’s but patriotic soldiers.

    Quite a few important German figures were Nazis as it was the only allowed political party in Germany then. That doesnt mean they all wanted everyone who wasnt a german into poison gas chambers.

    Summary: Not all Germans were Nazis. Not all Nazis were the monsters people think of, but Adolf Hitler definitely was everything people think of and more.

    This is nitpicky, I know.

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