Infestation #1

You may have heard AAl and I discussing IDW Comics’ upcoming zombie crossover on the Sarcastic Voyage a few months back. The basic idea is that IDW owns several popular licenses and decided it would be a good idea to do a crossover with them and zombies. Which are still hot as shit despite everyone  knowing that the only good zombie comic is Walking Dead and always will be.  It’s like those video game companies that try to make World of Warcraft clones. The world doesn’t need another awesome MMORPG fantasy game. It already has the best possible one it is going to get.

 Anyway, Infestation is crossing over with GI Joe, Transformers, Ghostbusters and Star Trek so I knew I wanted to touch on it here at some point. Here’s the cover:

Is that bad ass or what? Ignoring everything else, that promises us Mr. Spock fighting a zombie. If that were the only thing on this comic’s cover, I would buy it. But that’s not all. Oh no. This cover also promises us a Ghostbuster fighting a zombie.  Also there is Snake Eyes and what’s his nuts? Er, Truck Bot. Fighting zombies. How could that not pay off? I will tell you exactly how. NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS ARE IN THIS.

Infestation 1, despite being written by some of my favorite comic creators Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (They write, among other things, the excellent Marvel universe cosmic books like Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy.) is boring as shit. It apparently stars a group of characters called the CVO (Covert Vampire Operatives) who are secret agent vampires who fight monsters in tight leather. This is all fine and well and good but it is not what I signed up for. I was sold a bill of goods and that bill read “Dear Matt, how are you? I am fine. You want to see Spock fight a zombie. You bet your ass you do. Your pal, the Coolest Comic Ever.”

Anyway, the vampires have to stop an infestation (Hey! That’s the name of the show!) of zombies that have escaped from this government base through a portal into a variety of other realities. Which is where we get zombies vs. whatever. This is an awesome idea which I am excited for. The excitement is not to be found here. The script is not great for people who have never heard of the CVO, feeling both confusing AND like you are being led around by the nose. The art isn’t bad but it’s certainly nothing to get excited about. The only appearences of any of the tie-in books are two page previews of each of the franchises and you will not get a very clear idea of what the books are.  It is certainly not worth the four bucks you’ll be paying for it. If you’re looking to check this mini out, I’d say give this lead in book a miss and go straight to the Trek mini.

The rating?


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