Set phasers on some words I typed.

I was hoping to use this blog to discuss Trek-related things that we don’t have time to discuss on the show. Okay, it’s not that we don’t have time – it’s that we want to stay focused on episode reviews. This is obviously a subject about which we are both quite passionate, and we could very easily get distracted and wander off on some obscure tangent and forget all about our mission to review episodes. This thing is already going to take until 2017 or thereabouts – stopping to talk about other stuff could push that well into the 2020s.

A few things caught my attention this week:

The script for Star Trek 2 isn’t finished yet. I refuse to be that fanboy who reads more into this than I should. (I have this crazy notion – reinforced wholeheartedly by the previous film – that I shouldn’t judge a thing until I actually see it.) As far as I can tell, this means they haven’t finished it yet. And that’s all it means. I am, of course, wildly impatient… but I’d like to think this means they’re taking their time to get things right. Or, you know, that it just isn’t finished yet.

That TNG porn parody erotic fanfic whatever the hell it is, is apparently filmed now. We mentioned this on the podcast – apparently, it’s meant to be totally in continuity, taking place sometime in season six (I think I read that it happens before “True Q.”) I don’t even know where to begin on this thing. It’s not that I don’t think it should exist, or anything like that… but elevating these goofy porn parodies to this level of detail is a new plateau of weird. It feels like there are a thousand snarky things I could say about this, and maybe that’s the problem. Maybe they’re all jockeying for position and shorting out the joke mechanisms in my brain. Worlds are colliding, Jerry.

I guess Shatner is recording a heavy metal album. I know, most of you are probably excited about this. I am not. To me, this falls under the “overplayed things people like ironically” category – I’m surprised he’s not recording it with special guests Chuck Norris, Mr. T and bacon. I feel like we’ve done a half-decent job convincing people who think Star Trek is cheesy to give it a chance. Then Shatner does something like this. You’re not helping us here, Bill!

Oh, so it looks like you guys do want shirts with the Post Atomic Horror logo on them. This is awesome news. We will be taking pre-orders for those within the next week or so.

Best, AAl


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